S&B 8x56 Hungarian - good price??


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Hi all :)

As some of you will know, I'm just starting out and currently trying to sort through what I want, equipment-wise, in my head. Which calibre, new or s/h rifle, which scope, which bino's, etc. etc., lots to think about as I'm sure you'll appreciate!! One thing I have kinda decided on is that I'd like a S&B scope on whichever rifle I get. I like the make and think they seem good value for money.
Today I went into my local gun shop and was speaking to him about various things (he was very helpful), and when speaking to him about scopes he pointed out that they have a S&B 8x56 Hungarian in stock at £595. It's the last one of that batch and he said the price of those scopes is going up by nearly 100 quid any time now (in fact, I think he may even be marking that one up in the next couple of days).

I couldn't help but wonder if I should think about buying the scope. My main questions are - Is this a good price? And does anyone know what sort of warranty these scopes carry?

Obviously I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, I know that when I eventually get my rifle I might get a cheap combined deal including scope, but just couldn't help but wonder about this one!!

Cheers :)


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Macleods have them for about £513, also worth looking at a 2nd hand scope from Macleods - I got my S&B 8X56 2nd hand (not from Macleods) for about £250. They are a bit more than that now but still a good saving and more money for binos while still keeping the confidence that you have the absolute best glass in your scope.

http://www.rmacleod.co.uk/NEW RIFLESCOPES IN STOCK.pdf
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I`d wait for a package myself.

I was humming and hawing about buying a brand new tikka t3 lite for £750 and then today I just purchased a s/h T3 lite s/s with T8 mod and s/b 8x56 for not a lot more cash:D

Good deals are out there.


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Cheers for that caorach, Macleods seems like such a good shop I wish I had one like that nearby! And thanks dc5, sounds like you got yourself a good deal mate :)

Well my minds made up, not gonna bother with it for now, will wait longer and see what I can find!

Thanks again guys


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Ahhhh skinner may I suggest you wander down the the classifieds here on the SD forum. There are some cracking rifles with superb scopes already fitted on offer down there.:-

Now I don't know the vendor JAYB but this has to be a good deal on either of these rifles and only just more than your shop wants for a scope:-


Classic stalking cartridges with good German optics fitted what more could one ask for?

Now there are other good offers down there too I just picked this one out as an example ;).


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Zeiss Duralite for the same money...........I sold my SWARF 8x56 for one and am very happy with it


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Cheers Brithunter, I have had a little trawl through the classified's, and there are certainly some good deals! Unfortunately most are either sold, or not quite ideal for me. JAYB and I have messaged each other and unfortunately I believe his 6.5x55 is reserved for someone else..... Otherwise it looked perfect! I am definately keeping a very close eye on the classified's from now on though!! :)
And Cadex100, cheers for the comment, that Zeiss certainly looks nice, and I was keen on it at first.... However I reckon I want to go fixed power for my first stalking scope.

Thanks :D


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No problem. As you have not decided on your rifle or chambering as yet you have time and as I have said before make sure the rifle fits you and feels right. You will shoot it better then. I also feel your right in going for a fixed magnification scope again it's one less to fiddle with. However if the right deal comes along on a variable don't turn it down as you can always move it on or trade it for the fixed one you want.

The calibre and chambering might be a good thing to settle upon then one can look in earnest for a rifle/outfit. Good luck with it and above all have fun choosing.


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Yea I intend on trying to handle a few rifles at gun shops if possible, so I have an idea of how the different models feel, especially if I'm gonna end up buying a second hand outfit on here, which I may not be able to handle before buying! Good advice on the scope, I would definitely not turn down a good deal with a variable, as you say I can always sell it on if I'm not keen.

As for calibre, I have kind of settled on 6.5x55 I think....! I've spent so much time going over it in my head and looking at debates on here really doesn't help, I think the best conclusion is that people like what they've got! Thought about the .243 for a while but I think I prefer 6.5x55, although the gun dealer I saw today suggested the 25-06, which according to him is becoming more popular recently.

I'm waiting til I pass the DSC1 next week to apply for my variation, but I'll definitely keep a close eye on the kit that is for sale on here. I can see just now that another rifle ad has already cropped up, however I don't think my FEO is likely to approve .308 as my first centrefire calibre..!

Cheers mate :)