S&B PMI 3-12x50


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I wondered if anyone has one of these, the Police Marksman 1 with the P4L reticule and if so how they rate it (for mainly stalking with a bit of target/fox shooting out to 300m.)

A friend mentioned that there's a few force/forces surplus stock around.


flying felix

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Surprised the PMI was made with the P4L reticle. I thought it didn't come out until well after the PMII.
Every day a school day as they say.


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Macleod s of Tain have one in for £795.

I have the PM2 in 4-16 x 50 and they are a fantastic piece of equipment,albeit a bit pricier!!



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I have one of these.
I got it last year, was ex Spanish MOD surplus.
I rate it highly. It is on my .243 which is used mostly for foxes so alway low light.
lens are brilliant with very clear picture in bad light and night time, never have a problem identifying targets.
Being FFP the aim points don't change as you change magnification which I really appreciate. And the recticule is well sized so it does not get to big on full mag.
I have no problem shooting small targets over 300 meters with it.
Also being steel tubed it is practically bullet proof.
Yes I like it