s&b scopes - where has the best price?

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Thought i'd got myself a hungarian schmidt and bender 8x56 at a good price however after weeks og hanging on the supposed seller has let me down.

Does anyone know of any shops with sales / offers on just now? £440 is the cheapest i have found so far and although it seems reasonable i'd obviously like to save as much as i can so i can spend the savings on butler creek covers and a new sling



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Try here, Macleods ask to speak to Gregor be sure to tell him you got his name from this site and he will do you a deal, he will beat any price, providing it is not stupid of course.



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Gregor Macleod is a gentleman. I have never met the guy, but have done business with him by phone & post. He gave me excellent value on a trade-in a couple of years ago and was very fair.

He also got me out of a hole when another dealer let me down and shipped me a scope between Xmas and New Year when I was heading of to Eastern Europe on the Day after New Year.

If Gregor describes a second hand scope as 8/10, it will be like new.


I’ve got to agree with some of the other lads, try Macleods, like you I had a scope on order for months and as we know the price has jumped a fair bit recently.
I called Macleods on advice received on this site and he almost matched the price that had been quoted 6 months before, I placed the order with Gregor at around 14:00 and the scope arrived in the post the at 10:00 the next morning, so do yourself a favour and give them a call

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I bought an 8*56 1" hungarian from Gregor about 2 weeks ago. it was the last one he had at the old price.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

he was waiting for some factory refurbs to come in which were going to be about £300. that would be a good alternative to a new one.


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Thanks for the advice folks.

Got a hungarian 8x56 with reticule 7 30mm tube for £395 and got it delivered with butler creek scope covers, mounts and rails for another £65 so £460 all in, really chuffed with that.

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