S boston hand warmers


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hi folks,

was out at the geese other day and im ok moving bout but im having problems once sitting for while ...i end up bloody frozen ...my hands were like ice !!!

been looking at these S Boston hand warmers....anyone any experience of em? any good etc?

im thinking they have the edge over other brands as you can switch em off and light with batteries rather than matches etc ..less faffing

one last question....where you get em...from what i can see they sold all different places but i prefer buying direct if possible


sauer / paul

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Hi i have two of the boston hand warmers one for each pocket they are spot on and last all day, they can get a little too hot at times but id rather that than run out !

I got mine of E bay


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i have one and its brill , bit more expensive then other models but well worth it and good design to keep trigger finger working in cold conditions

used mine in snow and ice last year

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One in each top pocket keeps ya body nice and warm as well, mainly use mine on driven days when ya stood about alot you wont be disapointed and the fuels cheap too !