Available: Sa lion hunts 2014


I have big males available on a 7 x Day hunt for an all inclusive £ 17 800.00

Price includes:

  • 5 hunting days
  • all accommodation and drinks
  • Pick up and drop off at OR thambo
  • Chartered flight to hunting Area
  • All Permits
  • Plains game can be added to the hunt

Here is the type of lion you can expect:

Hunting Area: North West Botswana Border
4000 Ha High Fence

Please contact me for any further details
I might just add that the all inclusive price of £17 800.00 include the 14% government taxes. This is really an all inclusive package here. There are cheaper options depending on the lion's age and mane. The prize stated above is the worst case scenario.

All lion hunts will be conducted according to PHASA and SAPA standards!!

All the best

I respect your opinion but i can't see how hunting in a 15.44 square mile or 10 000 acre area be classified as canned hunting:?: if you are walking how many times will you even see a fence? How many days will you be walking to cover the ground?

I find it strange that people will hunt plains game in a fenced property of the same size, but look down on it when a lion hunt on exactly the same size property is being offered.

But i will leave it at that. Thanks for your comment and sharing your feelings.

Kind Regards


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Don't worry,Bos. Those that criticize possibly consider stalking roe inside a 50 acre fenced woodland open territory.
Sorry Jimbo, but I think you have no idea about my stalking and my considerations about fenced or non fenced ground...
This hunt is on a 4000 hectares high fenced ground, which you, of course can stalk without reaching the fence line, but still, its fenced.
Lets speak about where these lions come from...?
How do they get into this high fenced area?

Bos, to make a clear statement: I think exactly the same about deer or any other game shooting on high fenced grounds, and there is no looking down on the lion hunt itself.