Sabatti / mercury rifles

Hales Smut

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A gundealer I buy from, showed me some impressive groups from a 243 Sabatti. Sabatti rifles are budget rifles with some nice features. In the UK they are/were marketed as Mercury rifles. There is an impressive review on Shootinguk . Did some research on the net and discovered they also make stalking rifles in 6.5x47 and 6.5-284. This means a budget 6.5x47 available. This might be intresting.


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The BDS had a Mercury in .243. It was very Accurate indeed. A lot of people passed their Level 1 with it.



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They are uncommon in the US, but make nice looking double rifles used by hunters for years, which you cannot do without quality.

I hunted with a friend and borrowed his Sabatti Rover, which was nice, reminded me of a Sako 75, and shot very well when checking the sights. He had bought it while stationed in Germany and brought it back.

Hales Smut

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I don't own any Sabatti myself, but have seen and used a few O/U shotguns. Not bad at all regarding the price. In this price range the best/nicest I have seen.

I can not comment on the rifles quality. They seem to have the Sako type extractor+ Rem type ejector. Have a choice of diffrent triggers,...... They have target rifles using polygon barrels. Since the 6.5x47 seems to be a new love of many UK stalkers, I thought sharing this inormation. Mostly the 6.5x47 is an ( expensive ) rebarrel, semi custom job. There might be stalking men wanting a soft recoiling 6.5mm rifle at a workman's budget.


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Be aware that there's practically no aftermarket parts. I have Deluxe model in 308. I bought it secondhand just to have a cheap 308 for range practice.

The workmanship is cheapish, and there's some annoyances in design also (I didn't spot all of these before making purchase):

- awful trigger, hard to modify
- bolt wouldn't keep 100% in cocked position w/o modification
- no gas vent holes near the locking lugs
- action length is between short and standard actions, so only two piece Remington/Howa bases will fit
- mag length needlessly restricted to 71mm and bolt stop too short, so PITA to reload the mag
- especially long reach for trigger (maybe same stock used for standard length action w/ a bit different inlet??)

I paid so little that I'm content with the purchase, but given the choice I would choose differently (we don't have 1:1 variations). I'd just prefer to have an action with aftermarket support, so in the future if the barrel is shot out etc. I could use the action to build something to my liking.


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I had a sabatti rover in 6.5x55 I loved it shot lots of fallow and roe with it . Ok cheap but did the job would I have
another yes if I wanted a cheap rifle