Sad Day


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Sam suddenly appeared unwell and we had bloods done yesterday which came back abnormal scan today revealed cancer in his spleen. The vet has just gone and Sam is retrieving rabbits in the beyond or I like to think so. My faithful dog for twelve years. Rest easy mate.


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Still catch my breath every now and then when I get a flash back of the 15 year old puppy we said goodbye to last August...most of the memories are her getting up to devilment!

Tough decision to make...thoughts are with you.



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Most of us have been there more than once Tom and it's never easy.

Dogs are not put on this world for long enough. Our job is to make the most of the short time we have with them. I'm sure he lived a very happy and fulfilling life, be happy and satisfied you did the best by him.


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had to bury my springer last monday , next to my cocker who died 3 yrs ago , dogs don't live long enough i'm sad to say

Old melv

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Buried my 15 year old springer meg last Friday miss her in the mornings she was stone deaf with crap eyesight but could still smell toast at a mile.


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Hi Tom, sad to hear your sad news, sadly on reflection all of the many dogs I've had over the years, the only really bad thing they have all done, is to leave me forever. I have had to tell them off at times, and lost my temper with them at times, and walked away to cool off. They always greet you and make amends by showing their link with man has been for millenniums. My current lab poppy is the worst dog I've had to date, just turning 3 years, she has been a challenge to say the least. She has however the best nose of any dog I've ever had though, and now follows a scent trail snorting like a pig. And greats me every day with a show of affection only dogs can do. Having lost my last lab Willow at 12 through jumping out of my Jimney and fracturing his pelvis, I bought poppy to replace him and don't regret it at all although she tests me daily at times. Dogs always show us love and affection, and the only real bad thing any of my springers, labs or jack russels have done is to leave me. Hope all is well with you otherwise, and give it some time and then get a new mate to brighten your everyday. John


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Oh hell. I do so hate reading these threads. Brings back so many memories of dogs that have gone before over the last 40 years. It's never easy to lose a friend so loyal as a dog and it knocks me terribly every time. My current Lab is an absolute joy. But there are moments when I remember he is approaching 9 and I know what will come in all too few years. I keep having to remind myself that the love, joy and companionship they give far outweighs the grief when they leave us. Not easy at times, but true. Otherwise why do we do it all over again?

Sorry for your loss.

Monkey Spanker

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12 years is a good innings for a spaniel. As hard as it sounds, you should celebrate his long life rather than mourn his passing. That said, most of us mourn the passing of a hound more than that of an uncle or aunt? I would go as far to say it is more akin to losing a child? We know it is coming as soon as the puppy arrives, so why does it hurt so much?
You did the best you could for him and he clearly had the best life. Your grief is understandable and will hopefully soon turn into loving memories. Very sad.:(


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I'm so sorry mate. It never gets any easier losing your dog. Even knowing it was the last act of kindness doesn't make it hurt any less :cry:


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Its a very hard time. Anyone who has lost a companion knows the unique feeling of losing a bit of yourself. I find writing the memories down helps.


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very sorry for your loss,its a very difficult thing to have to do but you have done right by your dog.