Sad News For Lancashire

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Its official, bad news, Simon Vann has left Lancashire Firearms but the good news is that he has now joined BASC to fight for our rights and offer very good advice.

Lancashire are now down to a mere 2 FEO's and they are going to have to work harder than ever whilst watching a backlog get ever larger.

Ive only had dealings with Simon once but it was a very good, professional meeting to discuss calibre on land use. He has a wealth of police proceedings and a vast amount of shooting knowledge that he can pass on in his new role at BASC.

No idea if he will ever read this but I for one would like to wish Simon all the best in his new role fighting for our rights and advising BASC members.

I don't know how long applications will take in Lancs from now on but I bet its not going to be a quick thing. :cry:


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I was talking to Pete Wilkinson the other dayJim Ellis retired my local feo ( agreat guy with a wealth of knowledge and a sense of humour) he'll be missed, they are planning on getting 2 more FEOs in the near future. I think Andrea has left she was very clued up on the law and extremely helpful. There is also a new Head of firearms. Lancs had a shocking reputation some years ago but Mick Sykes changed all that when he took over as Head of firearms, he worked hard to get things up to speed and had a wealth of knowledge second to none. I'll bet the staff will get renewals sorted quickly they are a crack team.
Update, I was speaking to Pete and Andrea is still in the office.
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Some will miss him but on the other hand maybe some others will not!
I know that Lancashire Firearms Department are very short staffed (It is quite common for the girls in the office to go in on their week-ends off to help clear any back logs of SGCs and FACs) but on the whole they have always been very efficient and helpful with most FAC and SGC holders that I know of!
I don't have a single bad word for the staff they have. Peter Wilkinson is a very knowledgable man and extremely helpful too - Peter Wilkinson was my original FEO and has always been extremely helpful and a true gentleman, often going out of his way to help answer any questions or sort any problems out for me (And a great many others)!
Regarding Andrea - She even phoned me one day after doing a variation for me asking is I had averything I wanted put down to my satisfaction and then gave me her direct number in case I had any other problems or questions that she could help sort out for me. What more could anyone ask for?
In my opinion Lancashire Firearms Office deserve all the credit they get plus more!


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notts are short staffed too lets hope any licence fee increases put more staff in place across the whole country
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