Saddle of Venison Bretonne

The Lucky Hunter

John B

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I enjoy this one.

2lb of loin meat from a young roe/fallow

For the stuffing:
One chopped omion
1oz of butter
Handful of prunes and walnuts
5tblsp white breadcrumbs
Zest and juice of an orange
2 tblsp herbs - parsely, rosemary, chives
Beaten egg

For rolling the meat:
Beaten egg
Quarter white loaf reduced to crumbs and then sauteed in oil.

For the sauce:
Sliced onion
Half pint of stock
3 tblsp redcurrent jelly
Dash of orange juice

Bone out the loin.

To make the stuffing, soften the onion in the butter. Once softened take off the heat and add the remaining ingredients for the stuffing.

Season the meat with black pepper, fill with stuffing and roll it up and tie it in intervals with string. Roll the meat in flour, paint with beaten egg and roll in the sauteed breadcrumbs, keeping the string clear.

Put it in the fridge, to set the stuffing for an hour. Cook at 200C, using butter to baste. Cook for 15 minutes to the pound and leave the meat to rest in a very low oven.

Serve the meat and pour a small amount of sauce along the centre of the slices or serve as a joint with the sauce in a separate dish.

It's good...