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Can anyone tell me the easiest way to loosen a sak mod,tried to loosen it today no joy. Need to give the inside a good clean.


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Mine did this sometimes too. It was a real pain getting it stripped when it had seized. Nowadays, I tend to strip it a lot more often just to keep the cap threads free :thumb:


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[FONT=Verdana, Arial, tahoma, sans-serif]I bought a sak a few months back for my .17 HMR. There are exploded view in the instruction leaflet for some reason, as according to this paperwork you never have to dismantle these mods.[/FONT]

Hornet 6

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If it's on a short barrelled HMR they are probably right, it will have lost the first baffle before it's clogged up.
Mine lasted less than a 1000 rounds on my 14inch annie, at that point the first and most of the second baffle was gone
and when I unscrewed it to have a look it snapped the baffle body in two.

Neil. :)


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Good soak then spanner on the flats on the top and jar opener round the body did mine a treat. If opened dry a mask is a good idea breathing in the dust is not good for you.