sako 223" laminated varmint stainless steel

Can anybody give me some info on the Sako 223" varmint laminated stainless steel mod 75, i am thinking of changing my 223" Ruger M77mk2 synthetic stainless for the Sako and would appreciate any info.

Thanks Billy T :confused:


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Sako 75 .223 VLS

Great round and a great rifle. The rifle has served me very well for a number of years, very accurate and very reliable.
Have been using Federal 55 g ballistics for a number of years, but will shortly be trying the new norma ballsitic tip rounds.


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Check the twist rate, tikka and sako have fast twist on the 223
not sure if on all. But the faster twist will stabilize heavier heads which
could be an advantage.


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Sako 75

I have a Sako 75 Hunter with a 1/12 twist,I reload with B.L.C.2,26.8grns & 0.011th off the lans
60grn Hornady V.Max. very accurate round.check attachment.