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Sold: Sako 75 6.5x47 inc all reloading gear.

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paul o'

Well-Known Member
I am Selling my semi custom as part of the wind down to giving up shooting.
6.5x47 stainless glass blasted fluted barrel med varmint, rifle built by Gavin at Anglo custom in Kent.
Two choices of Stocks
1/fully bedded wood stock .
2/A5 Tac stock.
20moa rail.
HG4 mod in 17x1
RPA cobra muzzle brake
Brass around 180+ twice fired and 100 new lapua,
foster dies seating is a comp.
Hornady comparator insert.
Hornady mod case.
Two mag's one is nr new, both custom adjusted to feed correctly.
rear bi-pod
as can been seen in picture.View attachment 76082
F2F please. CASH only .
Opp- 1- £1100 inc the used brass. one mag standard but bedded stock ,
OPP- 2- £1500 dies , brass and new brass and Mc Millan ajustable Tac stock , one mag

OPP -3- is a perfect face to face deal at my home , all listed parts ,Plus 123 Amax bullets ,ammo storage box's , lee reloading press,dies both stocks, both mags choice of hunting bullets I have left , one pot powder, 200 primers, gun bag, sako rail base's, Sling , harris bi-pod choice of, sitting or prone types. cleaning rod and patches ect for 6.5.
TBA but under £2000 it is a buy what you wish type thing as you just may wish more than listed. 100 yrd play target 10 rounds .
any parts left over to be sold after rifle has been sold.View attachment 76084 only used it once this year on the range .
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paul o'

Well-Known Member
I had it left 25" plus chamber so more like 26.5 if barrel was out of the action. So it has enough swamp to have it re-chambered in later life, so a saving on buying another new barrel, Just was being tight git lol, but its such a nice cal it prob will never need to be done ,but has the option to be done.
the range just do't call me or light up my day anymore its just a perfect round for anything in the uk and I have the 280ack to use if needed or the Ruger m77 .308 . both of them also are on the will go at some point soon bones and joints are just not as they were now days :old:


Well-Known Member
If your willing to sell some bits separate illl take comparitor insert & modified case plus the amax


Active Member
Hi Paul, interested in the whole set up. Could you give me an indication of round count please? Thanks

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paul o'

Well-Known Member
NO mty not as yet Dredduk is driving but no firm deal as yet mty .

but please remember guys I only sell rifles bullets powder etc F2F at my home sorry , but it will be worth the trip :norty:
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Well-Known Member
if you decide to sell any of the brass seperate i would be interested.
Understand if you wouldnt though.
Thanks, mark.

paul o'

Well-Known Member
Complete outfit sold to DreddUK Pending the norm thanks for looking in.

Next one to be for sale will be the TIKKA 695 in 280 Ack imp but not until the fallow are done , so next year only two more outings to go.:tiphat:
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