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For Sale: Sako 75 6slr/6.5x.284


Well-Known Member

1 no Sako 75 long action with fluted bolt and squared bolt face in a joe west laminated gb f class style stock orange/black (pillar bedded) clean and no dents

included 1 no 6mm slr barrel with exactly 280 documented shots down the barrel which is a 1/8.5 bartlein gain twist plus dies, brass ill pull any loaded rounds and full load data etc this has one me 100 yards comp with 5 shot groups average in the .300” ‘s

+ 1no brand new only 2 proofing rounds 6.5-284 barrel bartlein again 1/8.5 throated for 140 g amax there is some brass from previous barrel but id say start afresh and dies are included

there is an old 6.5-284 barrel for fire forming if you want it but you will need a spare slot for it

£1500 as is or with a 8-32 nightforce nsx scope included £2400 all the above are like new and delivered to a rfd in your area

Many Thanks

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