sako 75 cocking safety?


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Hi all,

I am really interested in putting one of these cocking safeties on my finnlite. So I am in need of a german speakers help. Please! See link below.
Handspannung Sako 75
I have contacted the maker via email, however his English is only marginally better than my German.
he said he needs the the rifle to fit it. The langauage barrier seemed a huge problem, I am sure my smith here could fit one with little problem. Has any one got hold of one of these or something similar or would a german speaker be so kind as to try and prise one into the UK! Any help would be very gratefully received.
I am sure they will be a very popular modification in the UK!
Thanks - Karamoja


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Hi Farticus - It is solving a problem as there is not one, it is only increasing a margin of safety on the existing safety system. The reason is that the rifle is never cocked until the cocking lever (read safety in the conventional sense) is engaged, at that point it becomes cocked and is able to fire. Move it back and the rifle is un-cocked and therefore safe. Think as in a Mauser MO3. A supremely safe set up. As you say the existing safety is fine, however I prefer the increased margin of safety!


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Your smith may be able to fit it, but maybe the German smith does not want to sell it. For either commercial or quality or liability reasons?

However, I do know a German Technical translator if you want one. I have no idea what her fee may be.


Moray Outfitting

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Entirely withour rancour and just a straight query - but unless something significant is done to the firing pin, then decocking alone merely places the firing pin in close contact with the primer with no mechanical interdiction? Please be clear, not a criticism - I don't understand German either - so can't decipher the webpage, just a query that springs to mind.


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Mauser 98, three position safety completely blocking the firing pin. As the song says, "who could ask for anything more" :D



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Sako 75 doesnt lock the pin a la M98 flag
the safety locks the trigger mechanism

I understand the interest in firing pin locking safety but not at the expense of everything else
looks a mess and leaves a void where the old one was
What does it do? I appreciate that this could open me up to a barrage of "DOH!!", but I really can't work out the problem that it's solving

:doh: My bad Farticus, I thought that was what you were asking...:thumb:
Hahaha!! No, I have a couple of 75s and am trying to understand what the OPs modification will do to better what the 75 already does. Sounds like it's "pin" related... I'm happy with what the original design, but will watch this with interest :tiphat:


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I'll be watching this with interest too as I'd like to change the key-lock shroud at some point. When woodland stalking I do like to carry the rifle loaded & I'm forever checking that the safety hasn't been bumped as it wouldn't be too difficult to do. An additional safety measure that didn't require cycling the bolt could be of interest to me.


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I will try and explain it in again in simple terms - think of it not as a safey but as a cocking lever. When pushed over like a safety, it cocks the rifle ready to fire. If you push it back it is then uncocked. So it is an inherently safer system. Cocks and decocks as per an M03.
And yes the existing safety is fine and a good safety nothing really wrong with it other than the stupid safety thing. But the ASH one is safer and therefore better I think.
Cheers K

Heym SR20

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Decockers use a floating firing so that when it's uncocked the firing pin is not in contact with the primer, so no chance of the rifle firing if it is dropped.

I have just looked at the video of T3 version on the website. Tikka T3 Schlagbolzensicherung rechts, 167,59

This looks to be a 3 position side safety that blocks the firing pin, with the pin in the cocked position when safety is on. This is T3 version of the good old Win Mod 70, which is widely copied and used on many custom mauser actioned rifles. When it is on the firing pin is blocked, in the same way that the firing pin on a Brno or CZ 22rf is blocked.

I am not a fan of trigger safeties as in standard on Sako's, Tikka's, Heym SR 20, Remington's etc. I once had my rifle go off with it loaded and safe on my shoulder. Somehow safe got moved off and then trigger got caught on a branch.

On my bolt actions, both of which have side safeties, I carry the them loaded with safety in the middle position and the bolt handle open and just drawn back. With the magazine fully loaded there is enough tension to prevent bolt sliding open, and when loaded I always carry muzzle down and forward and control with left hand - carry rifle on my left shoulder.

If ground is open and not needed a quick shot rifle is unloaded.
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Why buy the Mo3, I love my sako, its a fantastic rifle. I dont like mo3 very much and I don't really want one. I already have three model 98's. Two with the mod. 70 style recknagel three position safety and an original dwm actioned 8x57 untapped and original flag safety.
it's funny, last week I was talking to someone and said I don't go on SD much as you easily get drawn to idle banter.
Hay ho, cheers K