Sako 75, distance to lands

Just out of interest,I thought I'd measure the jump to the lands on my Sako .222,to my surprise it is .119! My Tikka 595 was .021. Is this unusual and could it effect its accuracy? Thanks.


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My 75 shoots really well loaded to the recommended 2.140" OAL with 53gr SMK's (This happens to be about 0.030" from rifling).

I struggled with 45gr Barnes TSX loaded to 2.130". I've moved them out to 2.170" (about 0.020" jump) for acceptable but not fantastic accuracy.

Heym SR20

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The short answer is: No.
The long answer is: Stop measuring the distance to the lands.~Muir
And if you apply a crimp to your loads then you don't need to worry about distance to lands. The crimp provides enough tension to build pressure before bullet starts moving. Seating just off the lands has the same effect but is more fiddly to set up. Muir will add further detail if required.


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Hi I have seen a few sako rifles measured to the lands unless your going to single feed the won't fit in the mag so IMO fit them to suit the mag giving some clearance in the aol of the mag