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Just thought that I would let you folks out there know about my Sako 75 heavy s/s barrel problems...

Brand new out of the box I could not get it to shoot well... I tried every make of ammo going in 243 an it would not play ball. Eventually, I tried leaving the barrel dirty and not cleaning it between 20 round batches... and the accuracy started getting better... after 50 round the groups were getting down to 1" at 100 yds.

To cut a long story short... I contacted teh shop where I bought it and as if by magic, with 24hrs, Sako have had it returned to be tested for a new barrel...

Has anyone else had similar problems with nnew rifles in the past?


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Yup I had someting simular happen to my tikka T3 stainless in .243, I shot it in casefully and noticed that it group well to start then the group opened out from 1/2 inch groups to over an inch at 100m. Was a bit annoyed/ concerend about not being able to get a good tight group and must admit didn't think about contacting the shop I bought it from but after around 100rds accuracy improved. Rifle is now putting rounds on top of each other at 100m and has had a good 200 plus rounds through it.

But If sako are checking it then that's great. I guess just goes to show the level of customer service they give.


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The saga continues... I sent my rifle back, with the help of a local gun store, whose manager was going that anyway. This obviously saved the gun shop from where I had bought the rile having to pay courier fees.

My first mistake... I forget to put the letter in the case to say what the problem was... i.e. it took 60 rounds for the rifle to group properly.

The chap that took it over to GMK (Sako Main Distributor) for me knew the problem and told the chaps in the workshop....

GMK promptly looked down the barrel with a bore scope, said that the problem was because it was dirty (!), cleaned it, tighten the bedding screws and sent it back. Without being test fired!!!!! :evil:

Since then I have been down the range to see what would happen. 8 targets, 4 bullet weights (all factory ammo) and 2 shooters. Groups started at 5" and after 35 rounds the groups started to come in to 1.5".

I have now sent my rifle back again (at the expense of shop from where it came), with the letter and targets.

I have now missed the start of the buck season... NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS AT ALL.

Word to the wise... if you have a warrantee on your rifle ensure that they treat you properly... this is proving to be a real headache!


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Sako & GMK


The trouble you have is compounded by having to deal with GMK, they are as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

I had dealings with them in 2003 with a blown Tikka that was 14 months old.

What company would send a weapon back without testing it, and why didnt they contact you to ask what your problems were.

Answer to both, you are dealing with GMK!

Personally I would have told them to shove the weapon and replace it, after all are they not supposed to have been test fired for accuracy anyway.

Sorry mate but with GMK you are dealing with a bunch of incompetents.


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I am sorry to hear that I am not the only one who has had this problem...

I confess to thinking about changing my main shooter for an RPA hunter... may need to save up the £1200 extra but at least I know it will shoot straight!


GMK ha shad some real headaches with the sako tikka issue on the one hand they don't want to take the rifle back. But on the other if any more blow up and some one is really hurt bad they will now need to hold there hands up as the ones to blame . I must admit after reading all the threads on the stainless tikkas and sakos i really would not have one given to me. My friend just sold his sako fluted stainless because as he called it flinching through fear.
Pay the extra money chops and get your self a gun you can fire with out fear of loosing an eye or worse .


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Pay the extra money chops and get your self a gun you can fire with out fear of loosing an eye or worse
That is about my train of thought! I was always led to believe that Sako were good (they should be for the price) but I cannot believe how poor the rifle turned out!

I better start saving!
Sako SS

Chops, How long ago did you buy the Sako and can you tell me the serial number, the reason I ask is both me and my mate have ss and wonder if it is another case of poor steel or shoddy workmanship.
I have to say though that up to now, both rifles have performed very well.


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I bought the rifle in June.July of last year and the serial numer is #758637.

It is a heavy S/S barrel with a laminate stock...

Cheers Chops, we will look at our numbers and see if they are anywhere near the same as yours, in the interim ,I will send an email to SAKO and find out if there are any build issues with their products, legally they have to provide this when faced with direct questions, otherwise should anything surface at a later date, as the saying goes "Where there's blame there's a claim.
I'll keep you posted.


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Hi all.
I had a new Sako 75 .308 Varminter which always put the first shot as a 9 at 7 o`clock on the standard zero target.
After that it shot into the middle of the bull.
As someone else said GMK were like a chocolate fireguard and I had the misfortune to deal with a pratt called Swatton, a name easy to remember as I was stationed at RAF. Watton which is near Swaffam.
After much aggro. it went back to the maker and was sorted.[New barrel.]
I had a set trigger fitted at the same time and had to pay for that.
After all the wasted ammo and time I thought I may have got a concession but no such luck.
The good news is it is now a 1 holer from cold.
I have since bought a S/H .243 Varminter which is also a 1 holer so the .308 is rarely used now.[


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... FYI - GMK now ask that all rifle returned to them under warrentee have the scope left on, so that they can check to see if it the scope that is faulty...

Another week wasted!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

I'm surprised to hear about these problems with Sakos.I've had Sako 75s in .243 (stainless/synthetic) and in .308 for about 5 years and they both have always shot tight groups and been reliable in all conditions.When I bought them people told me Sako had a very good reputation and my guns have lived up to this.Have Sako gone downhill or is it just luck of the draw?


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I did finally get my sako back... with GMK's assersion that it shot sub 1" groups with 100g federal ammo! :eek:

1 - the barrel is a 1 in 10" twist which struggles to stabilise 100g heads
2 - only by moly coating 80g heads and the barrel have I got close to the results I would expect from a varmit style rifle
3 - Although they said they would send the targets to prove the rifles worth - none arrived gun...

I believe that Sakos' in general are good - the action is smooth and the feed effortless - but it is the support from GMK that I would be concerned about! I still cannot belive that they shot sub 1" groups with 100g heads... I have tried everything under the sun and not got close to that.

Personally I would not spend another grand on one - simply because I do not belive that the support is there from the suppliers...

I would rather buy a heavily beaten up, old sako for cheap price, re-barrel it, restock it and then the gun may be worth the money...