Sako 85 308 new scope

Irish Bob

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I have bought the above. I have two sets of Optolocks.

First 30mm low

Second 26 med

I have stuck a s&b 6x42 on the one inch for the moment.

All of my scopes are one inch.

I am just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas of what to get to use with my current mounts.

i have not got a big budget and would rather go fixed power quality s&b Swaro etc than a cheaper variable. I have a variable that sits on 6 or 8.

I were to go big Z8i or similar I would go for the new rail system.

The the reason I am not going for new rings is the cost of these will go a long way towards the cost of a new scope that fits the current ones.

I am sending this post from the 1980s so please have this in mind when replying.

All scopes now seem to be 30mm. Are these far superior to 26?

Thanks in in advance.
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I have a Sako 85 in 308. It has a Swarovski Habicht 8x56 fitted with extra low Optilocks. Bit of a snug fit for Swaro scope caps as they're quite "chunky" but there's room for Butler creeks and still see daylight through the gap. With your low mounts (a couple of mil higher than extra low) the same scope or S&B 8x56 would be just the job. I use a DPM mod and no issues with any obstructing sight picture either.

That said I also have an S&B 6x42 on another rifle. A fantastic scope that I would be tempted to leave on it, maybe extra low rings to lower it by 7mm. A cheaper option than a new scope?
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Bob, I have a 1" tube Zeiss 7x50 T* Classic Diatal illuminated scope on my 308 Sako 85 & it is a very pleasant, high quality scope & makes a well balanced set up for a real world stalking rifle. If the rings you have aren't ideal for your needs you could do a swap here on SD rather than buying new set. With a 50mm diameter objective scope fitted close to the barrel on low / extra low rings, you need only a small comb lift pad to make the eye line correct allowing proper "cheek weld" .

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Irish Bob

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If i go for a new scope I am thinking about going down the 56mm route. Probably S&B either Hungarian on a 30mm or German on an inch. Both similar prices.