Sako 85 hunter 6.5x55 stocks / chassis

kent keeper

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Gents, what options are there for chassis type or GRS / A.I stocks for my 6.5.
I'm just not that happy with it's wooden stock anymore so looking for recommendations
Thanks in advance 👍🏻


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I have the same rifle and was after the same thing, it's not easy for that brand (Vs i.e Tikka) but somebody saw my post 'wanted' in the Classifieds/Firearms Components section on here and I bought a used Macmillan Hunter off them so I'd start with a post there possibly.

The 6.5 is a Medium (M) action and, unless you have a Varmint barrel it doesn't look like these guys have any in stock:

GRS is Search results GRS Riflestocks Webshop

I think that these guys make one for the Sako 85 Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks - Rifle Stocks there was rumours PSE were starting doing them for Sakos PSE Rifle Stocks - Stronger. Stiffer. More Accurate.


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Look at KKC stocks, they do a drop in laminate Sako 85 stock that works, even without bedding. - Works for me. Cheaper than the other options too.

Free range rob

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I’ve just had a stock from McMillan and to say it’s good is an understatement, it smashed my expectations.

pse do not currently do one for a sako 85 as I asked them a few days back.


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When did this happen?
Several months back.

McMillan was sold before Christmas, and stopped inletting for a bunch of rifles just after.
I was literally talking to them two weeks before Christmas about ordering a stock..
And when Christmas was over and I was ready to order, I was told they no longer make those stocks and stopped inletting for a bunch.
Had they just given me a heads up, I would have put a large order in...

They also removed multiple stock models!
Or some are just sold as "Flat tops" your gunsmith can inlet.
Or.... some are still available, but not shown on website.
A real mess!

Kelly McMillan the previous owner died a month or two ago now, so might have been a rush sale due to health issues??
Where he did A LOT of models and options, the new owner is "streamlining" for Remington inlets it seems.
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kent keeper

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That has crossed my mind. I have a slot for a 222 and am leaning towards the Tikka. Perhaps a pair of tikkas might be in order... 🤔


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How fussy are you? I have a Boyds thumb hole stock that I fettled to fit. It works fine but its heavy and varmint barrel profile if you’re interested.

kent keeper

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Pretty fussy... I'm investigating factory made options or going down the route of a Gary Caine type thing... or just sell the thing and buy something easier 🤷🏻‍♂️