Sako and Heym rifles

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old keeper

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Hi Shooters,
Has anyone out there any particular views on the two following rifles? The first is the Sako85 Hunter in 223 the second is the Heym 44B in 7x57. Cheers.


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Hello Old Keeper,
I don't use either rifles and therefore cannot help you in your search for answers. But may I take this opportunity to welcome you to the website. Greetings friend! :D


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Ask Wayne, he always had Blasers, then he woke up and bought a Heym 44B.
If you buy quality you only have to buy it once ! Not that I`m biased :lol:


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Hi Old keeper
As JDM said I have a cabinet full of Blasers and I also purchased a beautiful Heym 44b single shot BUT what John doesnt know is that I sold it after shooting about 100 various home loads, about 60 factory, 2 scopes and 2 sets of Apel mounts I cound't get it to shoot consistently so I swapped for ?????? Yes another Blaser in 30.06.
I've owned various Sako's and they have all been excellent but I have no experience with the 85. ( Sorry John I sacrilege I know, the Blaser was plastic as well :lol: )


Heym SR20

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Sako 85 - have had a good look at - nice rifle and I do like the controlled round feed, and I think it has a better stock shape than the 75. Sako also build their actions so that they are a true fit for the cartridge.

Don't like the safety, with seperate fiddly little button to press to open the bolt with it on safe.

But would suspect that it will shoot very well - certainly any Sako I have used has done so.

Heym's are in a class above Sako's and are more akin to a custom built rifle than mass produced weapon which the Sako is - albeit the Sako is very much the best of the mass produced factory rifles IMHO.

Some of the Heym's do have a very germanic style stock which you either like or don't. Mine has staright classic style which I prefer.

Calibre - 7x57 - very good all rounder. .223 havn't used albeit its baby brother the .222 is very sweet little calibre.

Have fun with one either or both.

Heym SR20.
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