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Rake Aboot

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Ow do folks

Been offered a Sako Hunter in 243 flavour, but am unsure of what the "hunter" actually is. I know it`s a walnut stock, but did they make it in more that one rifle,, i.e. 75,, 85 ???

Any info mucho appreciated



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The Hunter was made in 75 and then 85, wood stock and blued metal, also Hunter stainless, Hunter stainless laminate, Hunter stainless synthetic. Think the Hunter bit really just refers to the general dimensions and weights of the rifle, ie normal barrel profile.Made in differing action sizes from XS to L.
I have two 75 Hunters, a 223 stainless laminate and a stainless synthetic which started as a 243, but will soon return to me as a 308.

Rake Aboot

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Yeh I imagine he does but I`ve not spoken to him yet.

Was more concerned that a model older than the 75 would be known as a hunter ,For the money involved I don`t care if its a 75 or an 85
The bolt locking lugs are also a good indicator of models with the pre 75's having a conventional twin locking lug arrangement and rotating bolt guide rail. 75 & 85's have three locking lugs and no rotating guide rail. If you have been offered an earlier m591 Hunter these are superb quality rifles with the 75's being their equal. Unfortunately the 85 is of lesser quality in my opinion.

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Cheers for that bud

It`s a bloke through west that is not renewing and is looking to sell that and a 10-22.

I know a lad that needs a 22 so might as well take the Sako as I have a free slot.

If I get on with it, good, if not,, selt ! :)

Rake Aboot

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I kind of am old boy.

That old 243 done the biz for me for a long time.

am thinking that maybe another might tick all the boxes :D

Meh, mibbes aye mibbes naw. We`ll see :)


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i own a 85 hunter in .243 and its only ever given me 1 problem which was the screw going through the action and stock came loose once and thats it other than that its never missed a beat and is extremly acurate with the 90 grain sako ammo i put through it grouping well under a inch at 100yrds infact its more like under 1/2 inch if im honest i would highly recomend the rifle as would many others and the caliber to as well, i know .243 isnt everyones cup of tea but i wonder how much of that is people just wanting a bigger gun .243 has done me fine on deer upto fallow and i would quite happly use it on a red if i ever got the chance