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For Sale: Sako Model: 75 Action 3 Varmint Laminate Stainless heavy barrel


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Sako 75 Varmint with a stainless barrel .308

Description: Earlier Precision Rifle Services tight neck 308. Built & accurised by Callum Ferguson.Based on Sako AIII action, trigger & stock. Kreiger heavy profile barrel. 5 shot mag. Threaded with protector cap. PES moderator. Very accurate PRS load information supplied + own home load if you wish. Scope & bipod not included.

I bought this rifle for my brother 2 years ago on Guntrader for my brother but as he has moved overseas, it is sitting in an RFD in London. He has not fired it and as I have 2 other 308s, it is surplus to requirements and should go somebody who will use it, preferably a reloader. I am cutting pasting the information below from the man who sold it to me. I paid GBP 1100 for it and would like to recoup GBP 1000.


Precision Rifle Services Load:
150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
45.5gr Vihtavuori
Federal Match Primer GM210M
OAL = 2.805
Case Neck Turned to 0.332" (expands to 0.334" when bullet is seated)
The case neck can be turned down a bit less to allow easier chambering (0.330").

My own pet load:
125gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
47.5gr Vihtavuori
Federal Match Primer GM210M
OAL = 2.83
Muzzle Velocity + 3040ft/sec
Case Neck Turned to 0.332" (expands to 0.334" when bullet is seated)

Because of the tight neck chamber, I would advise checking that the rounds will actually chamber in the rifle, before taking them out stalking (nothing worse than being out on the hill and finding that the cases are not quite turned down to the correct dimensions and the bolt will not close). (Dummy 125gr round attached to trigger guard for reference).
If using new cases I would recommend Lapua. When resizing ensure that the case shoulder is 'bumped' back far enough to chamber correctly (more so if using a neck sizer die rather than a full body resizer). If the round does not chamber satisfactorily, once the neck has been turned to the correct diameter, do not instantly assume that not enough brass has been removed and start paring off more material, it can well be that the shoulder hasn't been bumped back far enough in the resizer die and requires that the die is adjusted to do so.
If re-using fired cases they will have been fire-formed and the initial reloads will have the correct shoulder dimension but note that it won't stay that way and after a couple of reloads and they should be resized/trimmed due to the brass stretching

Please check that the trigger is set to your liking as I have it set quite light. It is readily adjusted using an Allen Key and following the instructions in the manual which I have attached.

The rifle has the PES moderator fitted so that it does not get 'lost' in storage/transfer. I have attached the barrel thread protector to the trigger guard.

Kind regards
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I think you need to re-title your advert. That is not a Varmint Laminate Stainless. It's a Sako 75 Varmint with a stainless barrel.


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I bought it as described on Guntrader. I have amended the ad as I know next to nothing about Sako Rifles.