sako set triggers?


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hi has anyone used a sako 85 with a set trigger im about to get a 85 s/s in .308 and im thinking about getting it with the set trigger.:confused:

Ade 30-06

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Got one myself, great for the range but if you have a well regulated trigger there's really no need. I would say NEVER use it on live targets, the variables are too great of a shot going off when you are not 100% ready for it... in the heat of the moment with the 'fever' running through your veins. You can adjust a Sako trigger to a nice crisp let off without using anything so light and potentially unintentional, they are very light when "set" !


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You haven't said what you are going for....Hill ? Wood ? Large deer ? small ? Plenty of time to acquire target ? Snap shooting ? etc etc ?

I'd run 100% with Ade 30-06's comments. Pretty sound advice really.

I've a Sako 85 in .243 s/s and the trigger is perfect for field use. Cannot fault it at all.

The last thing you want is a 'set' when you have a bid red stag in the optic and the adrenaline pump is spouting full bore on overdrive ! When it's a bit like.......Mm Let's think....... the hour of the cunning fox, on cunning fox day, in the year of the cunning fox. (Who said that ?)

As the SAS boys say....KISS...(Keep It Simple Stupid)

Point it.....aim it......pull it ! Nothing else to worry about.

This is my personal recommendation:- UK DEER's Rifles/Shotguns Equipment Recommendations

Hope it helps