Sako Stutzen


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This Sako Mannlicher, as it is commonly called, is lovely. I have no excuse for owning one, but have come close to buying a .308 and several .30-06s ( both of which I own too many). I would take one in 9.3x62mm in a heartbeat.

The Sako peep sight is really rugged and nice. Some of the early L61R rifles only came with the peep sight, no open sight. My .375 H&H is first year production, with the open sight on a tilting ladder, from 100 yards on, and a peep sight, which looks over the top of it in its lowest position.

The NECG rear sights are a similar design, for the Weaver-style base and for the Ruger integral base. I have one for the Ruger which I have rebarreled to 7x64, and am now adding an open sight base with a Lyman fold down, windage adjustable leaf.