Salmon fishing

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Found this on another site . very funny.

Two Irish men walking along road , when infront of them there was man holding another man over this bridge with his legs.
first Irish man asked what he was doing , the reply was " we are catching salmon" , how are you catching salmon , the other Irish man asked,
Well said the man " i hold jim over the bridge with his legs and when a salmon swims up by, jim grabs it, and i pull him up".
"Aye" said the first Irish man, and then Jim let out a cry "pull me up Fred", and to the Two Irish mens amazment Jim had a salmon.
Back over Jim went again , and in no time the voice again "pull me up Fred " the two Irish men were amazed again , fecking hell the first Irish man replied.
Fred was about to put Jim over again, but out of nowhere the water bailiff let out a roar and the four of them run away.
The two Irish men said we are going to give that a go, but Fred said "go down to the other bridge because the bailiff will be watching that bridge".
The Irish men reach the other bridge and the first Irish man said "right over you go ".
Holding his friend by the ankles for a long time, when all off a sudden the second Irish man let out a cry "PULL ME UP , PULL ME UP, PULL ME UP."
His pal asked" have you got one" , and then came the reply "no there is a fecking TRAIN coming". :lol: :lol: :lol: