Salt licks and Alf Alfa

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Try your local equestrian supplyers for mineral additives such as alf alfa and salt licks you will be surprised at the differend suplements they do and I am sure they will be cheaper than getting the same lick in "for deer packaging".



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So deer like this do they?

my shooting is in low lying decidous woods. I can't imagine them going out of thier way for much.

do they go out of thier way for this?




Have you managed to get your stuzens barrel recrowned after taking a hammer to it the other day?

Costly! As you'll need to get it reproofed as well.

It cost some one £91-00 plus recently. Carriage, packageing, proof house charge and VAT.


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No but i have had a quote for the work and i am seeking another quote for it prior to having the work done.

I am interested as to why you have asked on this forum as opposed to the other forum where it is an open thread?

It's not a secret, it was stupid.


Rob Mac

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No reply

Hi Steve

You won't get a reply from Nemo, he was given enough rope to hang himself and he just couldn't help but jump! He's been taken off the site along with Bagpuss (although as several members have pointed out, they were probably the same person anyway).




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Hi rob,
Why do they do it? i am sure they are one and the same person as swede and bradley were. Do they sit in front of thier pc and get off on making up new names and winding up guys with a genuine interest? Maybe they don't have much going on in thier worlds and this just gives them the edge- i don't know. In some ways it's a shame if they could just moderate thier tone and replies it would be good to have them aboard. Some of the posts make some sense and are valid.

when people join do you get to see thier IP address? if you do it would be worth noting them so that next time they make up a name you can have it straight off.


keep up the good work
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