Salt Licks/Blocks


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What is the best time of year to put these out? Should they be put on known "Deer Paths"......

Is there a specific type I should get or will any type will do?




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I've not tried this, but it was recommended by an experienced stalker.
Road salt in an old animal feed bag with the bag sliced up a little then placed in a field with some turf on top. He also suggested apples, not all in one place but in a few places. It seems a reasonable idea worth trying.


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salt licks

I use Rumivit blocks and put them out in the deer lawns to keep the deer in the area, i think these are about £12 each. Try Turnips as well, the smell of these draw reds in from round about.

The Mole

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Wirehairs suggestion of Rumivit is as good as any, but its worth trying whatever you have to hand. Whether or not the deer take to them depends very much on species and what trace elements they can pick up though normal feeding locally. By and large, the larger species seem to take more readily to salt licks if anything is likely to - but success is never guaranteed!

I've found that the best way to provide them is on top of a post rather than on the ground. That way the rain 'melts' the block which the deer will then lick up from the base of the post.

Some places it works, some places there's no interest at all. I trialled some of that German salt & aniseed paste a couple of years ago. Despite keeping the tree stump it was on 'baited' for about 6 months, I never once saw a deer so much as sniff it, despite having fallow, roe & muntjac moving all around it when I was watching. Yet a mate thinks its the best stuff ever - must be a local thing.


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Like The Mole i put the salt licks on a birck trunk about 1.5mtrs high with the bark stripped of. The salt runs down the trunk and the deer lick that. Its best placed where they have access to water as well. I get through 2 a year on my place . One salt lick every 100 hectares.


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I have some cattle licks out at the moment x2 posted at well used track interceptions , wind fall apples lightly bruised , seem to work . Last years mollasses just went to mush and where a waste , because I had put direct into the ground , the elevated positions seem to work better now, with more interest ,late drilling of this years Barley seem to have affected the normal routes /tracks of my local inhabitants ! once there is a much greener swath I know they will be back.
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