salt licks in scotland??


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has anyone had "good" results using salt licks in scotland? if so which type did u use, and (or) does a certain season co,inside with a certain lick??? some advice would b appriciated guys


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we used the apple flavoured salt licks that are for horses, 10"x4"x2".
The only problem was that both the roe and the red destroyed them too quickly and we were for ever replacing them, and at £4.50 each they weren't cheap..
We started using them because we were shooting some very poor roe that were obviously in dire need of something.Most of the roe were skin and bones yet showed no clinical signs of disease, on the other side of the road not more than 100yds away the roe were nearly twice the weight.
We still haven't got to the bottom of it yet..
The reds are in perfect health, so its not in the feeeding..

We also tried kings deer lawn seed but they just trampled it once it started growing.the only way forward with that venture was to fence it off.

We also used rumevite blocks in the winter for the reds but you must hang them loose in the trees or the foxes **** on them and nothing will eat them..



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I have been putting out a few 2kg salt licks. I tried them all,plain,sea weed & iodised. The deer showed little interest so I smeared a good deal of old treacle on top & the next day,the treacle had been licked completely off.
I think it will work,but it's too early to tell.


Griff i had ground like that also and found that one part was just a bit higher than the other over the road and the soil was very pour .Asking the farmer what could be done he said it would be a futile venture and cost far to much for the return as if that was the case they would have done it. But he said the biggest reason that ground was not producing was it lacked nitrogen and basic mineral content and would cost a lot of money to get the levels up. What you might try is a bag of nitrogen ritch fertaliser over a area you know a few roe are working and see if the weights go up best time to put it down is march i am told.


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We have had no problems with Foxes piddling on our Rumvite blocks that I am aware of, but of course Foxes get a hard time around here.
The sheep farmers are not too happy though when a dozen Reds are queueing up to gobble the blocks !



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Salt Licks

I tried the red rockies and the aniseed paste, but found the rain just washed them away.

A big bag of decent grass seed on a clearfell in March, or a bag of fertilizer will bring deer to the area to feed but if you are init for the long term think nature will always dictate the policy.


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This is what i do with salt licks . I buy salt licks for game they are about 20cm square with a hole in the middle.
First find a birch 5-6 inches thick. i cut them off at 1.5mtrs. With the chain saw cut a cross in the top of the stump about a saw blades width deep. Remove bark from stump Sit salt stone on top of stump. Whittle a peg that will go through the hole in the middle of salt stone and bang into saw cut.
I make the stump 1.5mtrs because we have moose . The salt will run down the stump and the deer will lick that. You can put a plastic lid from a plastic contianer over salt stone that will stop the rain washing it away to quick. I use about 2 salt stones a year.


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thanks 4 the info, much appriciate, i should have said it was roe i'm after,i am going to try some of the licks use have sugested and i will let u no the results