Sauer 101 30-06

Does anyone have a Sauer 101 in synthetic in 30-06, if so is this a good rifle/caliber or a over kill for Sika and Red Deer.

At present I have a .243 and its not up to Red Deer.:(




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cant tell you anything about the rifle , but the calibre is spot on for anything you will hunt in the uk , especially if you home load , I have a 30 06 sako , and shot every uk deer species as well as boar , there isn't such thing as overkill in my book ! having said that there are other calibres equal to it , but the 06 has a very large option of bullet weights to suit your needs , regards arron. also at sensible ranges and conditions your 243 should also be upto it , but get where you are coming from.
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