Sauer 202/bipod

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Ive recently bought a 202 in 6.5 x 55. It has a wooden stock and the fore end swivel for a sling is positioned on the end of the fore end running parrallel to the barrel. I want to fit a bipod but don't really fancy drillling the fore end to fit another pip for a conventional bipod mount. So does anyone know of a bipod that would fit the existing swivel pin :confused: The pin operates with a spring loaded centre pin which you have to press in to release the pin out of its socket which stays in the stock.


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I have a 202 with a harris pip fitted for a harris bipod 3.5 inches from the front of the fore end. Never given any trouble at all as still plenty of clearance between stock and barrel.


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I felt the same way, not to mention the bit in the garuantee disclaiming any warantee if you mess with the wood. I only use the bipod for zeroing purposes, so I carved a nice peice of oak to form a "U" shape, which would slide up from the thin end of the fore end. As it slides up, the fore end wood gets thicker, and ends up an interferance fit, Given a good rub of candle wax it creates a good snug fit without marking the rifle wood. The normal pip is just screwed into the oak "U". If you are interested I'll post a pic, might even be persuaded to get my whitling knife out.
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Mark ,that sound ok. I don't want ot fit a bipod permanently but just for zeroing/range work. I think I know what you made but a piccy would be good. I was thinking of making a small rest to shoot from..........
Didn't even know about voiding the warranty so thanks for the heads up.


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Hi Just a different note about the 202 I have one in 30.06 plastic stock (No bipod fitted) I have had the front clip pop out of the stock twice when carrying it on the bike, I have a thick leather strap to carry my and when it’s over your shoulder and being twisted at the same time the small pin can be pushed in and twisting it will release it from the stock, I have now solved the problem by using a small sander to reduce the length of the pin so it needs to be pressed well in before it will release from the stock

I hope that make sense, try this with yours if you push the pin in and try pulling the clip out of the stock it is fairly difficult, now try pushing the pin in and twist the clip at the same time and it will come out much easier
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