For Sale: Sauer 202 ring mounts 1"

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Hi all,

I have what I am told are Apel ring mounts for a Sauer 202. They are 1" and the bluing is in pretty good condition. I can't find them in the current catalogue so I think that they must be an old model. They do not have the screws to mount them to the action but I believe that they use the standard Sauer mounting screws. You can see in the photographs where someone historically has graunched the apertures of the rings' bolt holes but this is aesthetic and should not affect the efficacy of the rings. It could probably be resolved by the right person/know how if someone felt the need. £50 posted. Any questions, please do ask.

IMG_2682.jpg IMG_2684.jpg IMG_2687.jpg IMG_2688.jpg IMG_2695.jpg

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