Sauer 202 the ulimate in stalking bling


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Not for me even if I had the money which I havnt

far too expensive and what's with the first advert comes with a minox scope what's that all about you spend 50k and they can't even give you a Swarovski


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Stunning rifle....although no different to the Beretta gallery if you have a wander round!

I couldn't be trusted not to damage it!




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Very pretty but.....
All that work and they don't match or make and effort to blend in mag release, bolt handle or barrel finish to the receiver
looks like component parts made by different craftsmen
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I agree with bewsher no real effort has gone into the finishing of the rifle leaving some obvious areas standing out not what I would expect from Sauer or for the Money. It has been jobbed out and not benefitted from a finisher like those employed on English guns to integrate and regulate the various components. However it has given me food for thought and may now look to get the action on my 202 engraved.


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Munty looks like a cross with a labrador n a crab.
Crockart's in Blair had a much nicer 202.