Sauer 202 ?

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I've got 202 outback I think the safety catch is marmite I love it but others I've spoke to arnt too keen. Great rifle though nice and light in synthetic too.


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Yup, it is incredibly silent to begin with and so smooth, but over time it gets noisier, you will send it back to the sole importer who will botch a repair, send it back to you, not fixed I hasten to add, your bases will be broken, they will refuse to pay out despite it only being packed only in a jiffy bag, it will then be sent back to them to be sent to Germany, which will take approx 12 weeks, because of course the sole importers were sent it back unfixed from Germany Sauer factory, so it goes again, you get it back, it is ok to star with but within a season is is back to how you started, noisy!

Owned a sauer 202 for 3 years, it has spent 6 months being fixed, 12 months in less than ok working order with the safety problem.

A friend of mine on here has developed a similar problem with his but I think he will be chopping it in rather than go down the route of constant disappointment with the sole importer.


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I have 2 sourer 202s .308 and .243, had them for years, no problems at all with either of them I love the safety, works fine and is silent. Everyone who has seen /used my rifles loves them. Only downside is that they are on the heavy side especially with good glass and a moderator.

That is my short review of the Sauer 202 and not a thinly veiled pop at Garlands like some of the previous replies you have had :)


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Also have a 202. Cracking rifle, shot a fair few deer with it, no issues and very accurate. Safety is easy and smooth.


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That is my short review of the Sauer 202 and not a thinly veiled pop at Garlands like some of the previous replies you have had :)

Not sure what you mean by 'thinly veiled pop.....'? I gave a fairly good sauer 202 review of the issues I have had as asked by the OP. If anyone would like to see the facts I can forward all emails I received without confidentiality disclaimers backing up all I have said. SO not thinly veiled, and hey if anyone wants to see some youtube footage of a noisy 'fixed' sauer 202 safety I am happy to post something. I guess its one of those big ***** in life, you spend a lot of money on an item that you wish will last a lifetime, and for many it will but for a good few it won't. Yes the safety is a small part of an overall package, a package I love a lot, it is a lovely rifle, but every time you take that safety on or put in on, and hearing that click, really niggles me, as I have spent a lot of money on an item that is not functioning as it should and as is claimed, and I am at a huge loss in terms of the time my rifle has spent away from me and what it has cost me in insured postage.

Thinly veiled, no, pi***d off, yes. So when asked in the OP what were SD members' experiences with the sauer safety I explained my issues, and part of that issue with the safety is dealing with a sole importer that treats you like crap!


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Had a sauer 202 in black synthetic loved it .( hence many forum name)

Makje sure if you get one that the action /receiver is steel and not the light alloy one as the threads in the top of the action prone to stripping & then yer buggered .... Happened to mine but I didn't notice and sold it on honestly unknowingly ... The guy who bought it had it re threaded and told me he loved the rifle but I since read it is a big problem with the light weight actions


robbie rowantree

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Thank you gentlemen, looks like suck it and see. Big departure for a man who bought his first Sako in 1976 (it was a glorious summer) and has used nothing else since !


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Classic rifle, love mine, sorry to sell it on but no use for a .270. It feels so smooth, like a quality car verses a normal run about.


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I have nothing but good things to say about my Sauer Outback.

Really like the safety, very accurate, super smooth action, the only thing I would change it for might be a Blaser R8............




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If you don't like the 202 safety, have a look at the 101.

My mate in Sweden just reviewed the 101 and he was amazed how well it shot with a variety of factory fodder.

few quid cheaper than a 202 as well.


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Been shooting Sauer for a about 3 years, mainly 25.06, really like the ability to take it apart good for cleaning and transport. I can change calibre 25.06 to 30.06 in about 5 mins. Find it accurate and I like the way it is put together. I am very used to the safety now and I like the raising my finger just before I fire. However I would say as there is no safe to open the bolt, care is required and I don't think they make good guns for a novice. I have heard (from devon deer I think) of a case of quad sticks pushed into the trigger guard removing the safety and discharging the rifle. Easily avoided but again not for the novice.

I would not advise the .243 as calibre changes are awkward if you are looking for a dealer I recommend Steve at Ivythorn Guns and no he isn't paying me but if he wants to I would like a set of apel swing off mounts.

Hope that helps,



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When looking for a new 308 last year, I had the choice of two 202 models, both with plastic stocks. I needed to swap the barrels around before test firing one, so got a bit of experience of the system.
I didn't like it a bit as an engineer - the pinch bolt barrel attachment & alignment key seem a bit Micky Mouse OMHO. It was not as well engineered as I'd like or expect from such an expensive bit of kit (sharp edges, lack of chamfers, iffy surface textures etc).
It's sold as a switch barrel rifle. I wouldn't want to do it too often. It's not as slick as it should be for that.
I didn't like the plastic stock feel and shape and wasn't too keen on the way the rifle handled - It just felt wrongly balanced somehow (a personal Marmite thing I know).
Also why would any one want an aluminium receiver body when the have the option of a steel one?? - Just to loose an ounce or two???
The alloy ones have to be treated with kid gloves to avoid stripping the scope mount threads (FFS!!!) :cuckoo:
After test firing it, I decided it wasn't right for me & went away & bought myself a Sako which just feels right & I am very happy with it.
The Sauer did shoot good groups out of the box.
I didn't have problems with the safety of the safety on the Sauer - it felt secure at the time, but I didn't examine it for the "quad stick scenario".


p.s. I don't like Blasers either!:stir:


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I bought myself a second hand 202 in 6.5x55. Safety made me a lttle nervous at first, but I soon got my head around it. Shoots well - even better since I started hand loading.

Hairtrigger 202

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Got a 202 elegance in 243, beautiful rifle,no problems with the safety, great build quality ie. the bolt has no play not sloppy at all,I agree its slightly on the heavy side, but i can live with that, i will never get rid of mine,just bought a 2506 in synthetic:D
only thing ive found is cant find a factor round that suits it, so home loads it has to be, but now the load is sorted very accurate,you wont go wrong with one IMO

Heym SR20

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The 202 is a good rifle. Nearly bought a very nice left handed take down a few years ago, but their Monte Carlo stock doesn't fit me, and rifle fit is important. They also have quite a small ejection port and not so easy to load through the top, and the standard mag is a three shot. May be an issue if you are say culling hinds where you have to take out three or four beasts, but for everyday stalking shouldn't be an issue. Personally I prefer a fixed magazine that can be easily loaded from the top, but that is also what I am used to. Comparing the blaser, sauer 202, Mauser m03, Heym Sr21 is a bit like comparing BMW, Audi and Merc, with the Sako being top spec VW or Volvo.
My client had an accidental discharge with a 202 in my presence, when he was resting the rifle on the sticks the stick hit the safety and then the trigger, boom, back stop was a field of sheep about a mile away!
So in my experience i don't think its a great idea having the safety button so close to the trigger.
But that aside they do look to be a very nice gun.


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Just been in my local gun shop today and they have 3 x 202's for sale that a well known forestry company have handed in because they are being replaced with a different brand, two are left handed and one right. I was told they are being sold very cheap indeed. one of these is a 7.64 L/H wood blue, has fired less than 100 rounds with a T8 and mounts in mint condition £950.00. Is that cheap?
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