Sauer 404 accuracy?


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So who reloads for one of these in 308/270/30-06 or similar.

What is the true accuracy capability of the 404, not ignoring "fliers"?

Tried to find reviews but either accuracy is skipped over/not mentioned or it is decidedly unimpressive. Makes me a bit suspicious that this is a premium rifle that does not match its straight pull brother and all the reviewers are trying not to rock the boat?


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I think the barrels are the same Sauer or blaser? If so it’s quite likely there accurate to the same level? I have a Sauer 202 which can post a 2” group at 350m with the right ammo if I do my bit, suits me.


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Yeah. But what will they do at 100 if the shooters involvement in screwing things up is removed as much as possible ?


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I don’t reload but I manage ‘touching’ groups at 100m with cheap Geko and more expensive Norma hunting ammo, from the prone and off sticks. In fairness, the rifle is always going to be more accurate than me and it returns to zero after the barrel and/or scope is removed.

Oddly enough, neither I nor some of my shooting buddies could manage a reasonable group with some very expensive Winchester bonded ammo. Same bullet weight as Norma and Remington rounds but the 20” barreljust didn’t like them.


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404 in 6.5x55, 120gr Nielsen sonic.


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I’ve a Sauer 100 which would be the same hammer forged barrel. Can shoot touching groups at 100m with reloads.