Sauer 404 - Gunsmith adapter

I have recently purchased a Sauer 404 synthetic stock and coming up against the Bipod issue I see that many have already.

I have a Harris and an Atlas already which I dont see I will be able to mount.

Has anyone had any luck putting the Spartan Gunsmith or similar adapter into these stocks? I want to avoid using the spigot ; I have heard the adapters out there (aside from the Sauer made one) are not that robust, also its expensive and means you have to keep the Sauer tool out of the rifle.

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You have to mount it behind the tool space.

You need a pilar drill with the appropriate size drill and some strong epoxy resin to glue it on the other side.
Drill the hole slightly smaller so you can force the adapter in.

venator cervus

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I have full knowledge of this from personal experience - if you PM me I’ll reply in full, later on if that’s alright ?