sauer 90 6.5x55

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Chris S

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well ive finally bought my stalking rifle.And very nice it is too,im going to put a leupold european on top.
Im not sure wich model it is though,hasnt got open sights and the stock is highly varnished,ill probably take that off at some point.very smooth but dosnr look like its got a jewelled bolt but has the gold trigger,ill put some pics up later.
Anyone else got a sauer 90?like to share some pics and info? :)


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Hi Chris,
I'd love to see the Sauer 90, as I have the 202, and it would be nice to have a comparison. Please get your pics up soon,

Chris S

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Im picking the leupold european up on sat so ill fit the scope and get the pics up then,im not too kean on the heavy laquer finish mind.It has a really deep deep blue though.
i love the 2o2 but didnt feel i could get on with the safety and the 90 was cheaper and from what ive heard is a bit of a legend?


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Good choice - I have two Sauer 90s - a .243 & a .308. They're my 'good' guns and I've had a lot of quiet enjoyment of them, savouring their excellent build quality and reliability. The only thing I would have on the are iron sights, as it would enhance their profile. The action is exceptionally smooth and firm and one of it's most notable features. Have you tested it yet?

Chris S

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Been out this motning to zero.its my first ever centre fire.Very different to my hmr and .22lr.
Very nice though and so smooth,my scope is only 3-9x40 and target at 100 yards is quite hard to see properly for zeroing,but im happy with the groups so far.used lapua 155 grain,but i think ill give the federal 140 v-shock ago next.

Chris Rob

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Looking forward to seeing the pics of your Sauer 90 Chris, & hearing how you get on with the Federal 140grn. I've just brought some to put through my Mannlicher 6.5x55 but will not have a chance to try them out till later next week. :(


Chris S

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Im picking the federals up in the morning then i will re zero the rifle,pics to follow.
Anyone know how to adjust the trigger?its a bit heavy for me
I would love to have a Sauer 202 lightweight in 6.5x55, but I have settled for a Blaser R-93 barrel in the caliber. It should be here next week.


sauer 202



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sauer 90

yes I own a sauer 90 in 6.5 by 55 and it served me
well last week in scotland. so much so that it might have
put my sako .243 to sleep for a while.

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