Sold: Savage Model 24 Combination .22LR/.410 Magnum O/U Rifle £350


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Having a bit of a clear-out at present and, as this doesn't get the use it did and only is my standby for HAD, I think its time to go even though this is quite a unique gun this side of the Atlantic:
  • One of Savage’s own guns and manufactured in 1960 (found a guide to both dating and identifying which model is which)
    • I’d always assumed it was one of the 15,000 Model 22-410s bought by the US Army for use as survival guns During World War II but possibly Korea?
  • Its a "Field Grade" rifle
  • As you can see from the photographs it can quickly be broken down like a shotgun with the barrel portion measuring 24” long (scope adds 6” more)
  • Top barrel is BNP for .22LR
  • Bottom barrel is BNP for .410 3” cartridges
  • Scope fitted (to what looks like a 7mm rail) is a Simmons ProDiamond Shotgun Scope 1.5x5x20WA (Model 7791D) – one sold on eBay in Feb 2018 for £90 (PCCLICK)
    • Scope has full lens width cross hairs with a vertical diamond in the centre (if you Google it there are illustrations of the crosshairs as I cannot get a good picture)
    • The scope mag adjuster has a nice screw to aid rapid change of magnification
    • The scope’s elevation/windage adjusters are 1/2” at 50 yds
  • Selection between barrels is made by sliding the round button on the right-hand side of the action up for .22LR (top) and down for .410 (bottom)
  • There is no safety - the weapon is made ready by cocking the hammer to the rear and whichever barrel is selected is fired when the trigger is pulled
  • There is a recoil notch approx. one inch forward of the rail
  • There is one bead sight at the fore end
  • Comes complete with a nice leather/brass/canvas sling and swivel mounts
  • Downsides:
    • There is some light superficial scratching on the RH-side of the fore-end
      • It’s not deep and should easily clean up
    • Some of the gloss black paint has worn off the trigger guard
    • The spring tang that holds the fore-end to the barrel is broken at the attachment screw (see last picture)
      • This causes no issue and the fore-end fits and removes as normal with the spring staying put
    • There’s light oxidization on some of the scope screws
    • Cosmetic and easily replaced
Looking for £350 and, if F2F (subject to checks beforehand and proof of an open .22 FAC slot) I'll even throw in 147 assorted .410 cartridges as follows (some have light cosmetic corrosion):
Shot Size​
Gamebore (loose bagged)
Eley Magnum (2 boxes)
Eley Fourlong
Eley Fourten

I can arrange transfer via an RFD for £20 (yours will probably charge too). Gun is currently listed on Guntrader for £395, but for to SD members £350. I cannot find any of these rifles being sold or recently sold in the UK. On the US Gun Broker site someone is trying to sell one for $1000 but the majority seem to fit in the price bracket of $300-$600. I’m thinking this is a reasonable price for something which whilst common in the US, is very rare over here.

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Having just bought a combination gun it requires a a slot on the FAC for a combination gun not just 22lr as the 410 becomes a sec 1 firearm too, especially if the barrel is less than a sec 2 requirements. At least that's the way it is in Sussex.

Lovely gun though and something a little different.
Button on the right side - slide up for .22, down for .410. There is no safety - you cock the hammer to and the trigger is live.AC6DD0CC-6306-4D0C-954E-041DFB71D816.jpeg
I used to have one of those, I think it cost me £40. I had the .410 barrel bored out to .432 (still within the tolerance for a .410) so it would take Distinject tranquillising darts. Dismantled a cheap scope and inserted a washer with 3 pieces of fine fuse wire glued to it to give 3 aiming lines. To hit a decent red stag in the haunch I needed to aim 9 feet over at 40 yards. Such is the trajectory of those darts. Served me well for a few years until I realised that tranquillising is only a last resort and no substitute for good handling facilities.
This obviously is on deer farms and parks, not in the wild.
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