savage outing


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Hello all
I bloodied the savage on saturday night

4 foxes for 5 shots(my mate missed)You get a bit more carnage with a .243 than a .222,they didnt generally exit.I bagged one in front of a tree,and the bullet (90 gn Privi sp)split in two,I dug half out of the tree and the other half went through about 4 inches of bark.I think I will try my vmax reloads out.
.243's dont half crack do they?I miss my .222 in that respect,but I dont miss lugging it around,it weighed 13 lbs all in,bipod and silencer.I will be getting my barrel nut wrench soon,I had an action vise made so in theory I will be able to get it threaded.Then I will be lugging an 11 lb rifle around.Did I mention my scope?I sent it to LEUPOLD to get some target knobs put on it,and they sent it to NEW ZEALAND.Ha bloody ha.I got a kiwi 3.5-10 x 40 back.If it had been a kiwi mark 4 5-25x50 I dont think I would have been as quick to tell them,do you?