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Riddick you heartless bastard, that poor lad has got to be so traumatized you have no understanding about what todays youth have to endure. You only have to see in the papers and on the TV this morning the main headline regarding Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy. You've never lived.:cry:
who the feck are they when their at home??
do papers, or tv this or any other morning,
I can vouch for having lived,, as I'm still very much doing it, others perhaps have only breathed. :tiphat: ;)


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I sometimes think i,ve just stepped out of the bloody tardis i havent got a jar of glue who the hell they are,celebs at what playing on a phone! get a life get your shoes off and slip on a cowpat take your burberry hat off and get your hair wet jeeez. i,ve lost a mother father brother sister and a son and im still ticking ffs