Scent Blocking clothing


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I all any one bought in to any scent blocking clothing . the one i am looking at is scent blocker worth the money if it works or leave well alone any info cheers chaps


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The outfox clothing I have is supposed to be scent blocking. Can't say I notice a real difference.



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Never used it, nor have I heard of it being used. I really can't think of any practical advantage to it though :-|

Monkey Spanker

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Just a gimmick! Unless you could seal yourself in some kind of Zip Lock bag you will always give off scent. Just breathing is enough! Save your money and stalk properly into wind!

Erik Hamburger

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I all any one bought in to any scent blocking clothing . the one i am looking at is scent blocker worth the money if it works or leave well alone any info cheers chaps
I think the marketing men have tricked you.
Scent blocking clothing will only work if you also manage to stop breathing during the stalk.
With other words, logic dictates that is is nonsense.


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Cammo NCB suits are the cheapest "scent blockers" plus theyll protect you from nuclear fall out.:oops:
bow hunters went mad for scent blockers a few years ago,
in reality its a big marketing ploy.
keep the wind in your face and wear what you like
or you could disguise your scent and
wash and shower in apple blossom shampoo:)


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Talking of washing in apple blossom scented soap:lol:, If staying away stalking, I always source the shower stuff that is completely neutral scent wise, no sense in making things worse if you get caught with a change of wind direction.


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Now if they start marketing a set that smell of cheese and onion crisps, bovril and lonely desperation, then maybe it'll work as Rambler Camouflage...


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What I would query about this is that surely the deer will smell your exhaled breath (& farts) if you are the wrong side of the wind?

atb Tim


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As I remember from reading (can't lay hands on the actual study right now) - a couple serious tests were performed on scent blocking clothes and in all cases they were found to be ineffectual. As someone else on here noted, your breath alone is usually quite scent laden.

I do seem to remember that if there was any technology that actually worked, it was the portable ozone generators. However, there were rather expensive, only worked from a stationary position such as a high seat or box blind, and only gave a minimal "confusion" of the scent rather than an actual blocking.

Heym SR20

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Basic field craft and stalking into the wind and you can smell like worzel gummage or a perfumed pixie (as we called a colleague who overplayed cheap aftershave). The wind will take whatever smell away from you.

But save for the higlands of scotland in most of the British Isles, the human smell is very common and I am sure that deer must become used to it. What is almost certain is that you secrete different pheromones according to your stress levels etc and there is probably "I am stalking into a deer thus must quite and very exciting cos I am going to get some venison" type smell that deer will recognise as different to the "I am going for a gentle stroll type smell" and probalbly part of the reason why you never see deer with a rifle in hand - or they may just be smelling the rifle.

Certtainly when I used to keep bees, they could immediatly sense if you were hapy or grumpy - go and check the bees when you were cross they would immediately attack, but be in a chilled state of mind then they would be calm as well.

Sent blocking clothing - I would n't bother.


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I am sure that they work, but wonder if the hefty price tag is worth it.

Probably the most intense scent that people give off is their breath.

I bet a charcoal mask blocking your breath would be better than an entire scent lok kit.

In addition to the obvious, I recommend that you wear some kind of camo, never use blue colors or white, and get a UV dye free clothes wash.
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