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Sold: Schmidt Bender 4-16x50 FFP Precision Hunter

Leica Amplus 6
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Schmidt Bender FFP 4-16x50 precision hunter in excellent condition. 3885FFB5-E106-4477-A47C-13B639DB0C5F.jpeg E4165313-D92A-4D7E-837E-044AD3C138AF.jpeg Superb schott glass, probably the most practical & bombproof 0-500m hunting scope there is. Slight marking to coin slot on elevation cap and slight marking to windage cap, all as per normal use and tracks flawlessly, overall vgc. Boxed, bikini covers & paperwork. New these are £1,550 but can’t find any in the uk currently.
Yours for £900 + cost of insured posted to UK address. Rings & rifle not included 👍
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Product Info for Schmidt & Bender Precision Hunter 4-16x50mm Riflescope
The Precision Hunter 4X16 magnification 50mm with P3 reticle 947/P3PH is an outstanding long-range riflescope from Schmidt and Bender, equipped with a third turret parallax adjustment. At 4x, the Mil-Dot reticle with fine crosshairs and four posts allows quick target acquisition. At 16x, the Mil-Dots become visible and can be used for precise rangefinding, trajectory and windage calculations on this Schmidt and Bender Riflescope. The top-mounted BDC has 5mm (1/5" clicks) for quick adjustments to 500 yards. The windage adjustment also has 5mm clicks for precise sighting in. Please browse Optics Planet for the best in Riflescopes, Riflescope accessoriesand other high quality Schmidt and Benderproducts.
Specifications for Precision Hunter 947/P3PH 4-16 x 50mm with P3 reticle:
Weight:27 oz.
Twilight factor:14.1/28.3
Eye relief:3.70"
Click value:.280"
Field of view:24.9/8.4 ft @ 100 yards
Features of Precision Hunter 947/P3PH 4-16 Magnification With 50mm Objective and P3 reticle:
  • Parrallax adjustment goes from 55yds to infinity without moving your eye from the scope
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