Schmidt scope Hungaria or Hungary


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Just curious but was looking at that auction site and noticed two Schmidt & Bender 8x56 on there.
However one says Made In Hungary and one says Made In Hungaria.

Whats the story with that. Is it when they were made or different area perhaps


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Both would've been made in Hungary. I bet it's a typo and the 'n' is missing off of 'Hungarian'.


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I think that Hungaria is the Latin name for Hungary, I think it is also the name Germans call Hungary.

So I would think it is a labeling issue if they are genuine. There has been a lot of immatation goods on that auction site.

I would ask for the serial number and then would contact SB and they would confirm if it is genuine, or I should say the serial is genuine.

Good luck.

Harry mac

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Hungaria is the name of the model/range of S&B Hungarian scopes. They are made in Hungary. Pretty sure German for Hungary is Ungarn.


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both the same, just from different times of production and/or marketing.

great scopes, just as good as the German, but better priced. you'd be crazy not to buy one :)


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My S&B 8x56 has hungaria stamp on it, cant remember how old it is, prob around 20 odd years since.


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Not a typo, or an unfamiliar geographic region, and definitely not Latin :rolleyes:

It's just what the banner stamp on the eyepiece reads. Mine has '6 x 42' and the overlay stamp then reads 'SCHMIDT & BENDER' with 'HUNGARIA' beneath.

I used to believe that Hungarian S&B's were all fixed-power on one-inch (1") tubes, and anything else such as variable-power (26mm or 30mm) was genuine German..... because the S&B website did say so. A number of posters have pointed out that this isn't necessarily true, and got quite indignant about the idea that their optics were not genuine German. I'm lost now on the finer detail of this, but there's certainly a caste system within S&B optics.

If you want to check the age and provenance of an S&B 'scope you'll need the Serial No. You could then e-mail S&B (UK) for the year of manufacture.

I think that like rifles it always useful to have the S/N if you're thinking of buying. I've noticed that while private sellers of 'firearms' rarely give the S/No on Guntrader ads, for instance, there are an increasing number of RFD's who don't post the S/No which they must have in their register. Maybe this is to cover up the age & likely number of previous owners.:D