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Blodwen Price

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Wonder if anyone can help here, on my 243 CZ550 I've got a Meopta scope and I've got BC flip up caps BUT the mounting ring for the eyepiece cap is so "thick" that it fouls the bolt handle when operating it, it doesn't block the bolt completely but makes it very stiff, a pain on the range cos you end up changing position with each reload, but, more importantly, you cant do a quick reload either.

Is there another type/brand of flip up cover that would be better in this situation?

Other than that I couldn't be more happy with this combo, especially as the whole lot came in at under 800 quid brand new.

Blodwen Price

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Yeah, but until/unless I buy a bigger scope that really needs higher mounts I'd like to keep the scope as close to the bore as possible, if that was really the only option I would rather just do without the flip-up cap and use something else.

As it happens it might come to that anyway if I buy a bigger variable scope for this rifle and move the Meopta to my 308, the scope on that one is fit for scrap, but I was wondering if anyone else makes flip up caps that may be different, BCs are ubiquitous but they can't be the only ones out there surely?


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Try useing a deoderant or any aerosol cap, should be able to cut away at the bottom easily enough....

The Mole

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Have you tried filing the mounting ring down slightly? BCs are quite thick as you say and can stand being thinned down a bit.


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hi owen
i use butler creek 'blizzard' clear lens
the barrel piece that slides over the scope is made of a flexible rubber type substance which is a lot thinner than the normal black plastic scope covers which i presume you hav
i would say the rubber is almost 1mm thick definately worth taking your rifle and scope to your nearest stockist to see what fits as to try before yo buy


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I use a old Meopta 7x50 on a .22, but as I always carry the gun muzzle-up, I only have a BC cover on the objective lens. I'd prefer to do away with the eyebell cover if the alternative meant raising the scope further away from the bore-line.


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a couple of pics just to show you of my butler creek 'blizzard's

the paper is just to help outline the ring a bit better


hope this helps

Blodwen Price

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Thanks for that Stone, that Blizzard jobbie looks just the badger, definately a lot thinner than the standard BC mounting ring, as was said, I would rather go without a cap than raise the scope.


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I have exactly the same problem on my CZ 550 in 6.5X55, the scope is a S&B 6X42. I must admit to taking the easy way out and just taking it off when it is time for the shot. Having said that when the need is for a quick unexpected shot there is quite a lot of effort put into chambering a round! I like the look of the blizzard option, shall have to look into them.


Nick Gordon

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Hi John,

I knew I had seen another make of scope covers somewhere.

Attleborough Accessories do a make called Quake Optic Covers-

Never used these myself as I stick to BC.

Might be worth a look.

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