Scope fault

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Feeling a little stumped with a scope I have. It's a Leupold 24x40 Target scope with an adjustable objective and fine target cross-hair. It is of a reasonable age and was previously fitted to a heavy target rifle.
While zeroing the other day I needed to make a small adjustment on windage after remounting. The click value is 1/8 MOA. Did 4 clicks right and the next grouping was 4" higher and 3" further right. I had fired 25 shots over the chrono (5 shot strings and allowed to cool) with the scope attached checking a load I've been working on.
After that the adjustments returned to normal click value. Bizarre!
Has anyone ever come across this before on any scope?
Never happened before and always printed good groups at 2, 3 and 400m with windage and elevation corrections.
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