Scope refurbishment.


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Hello Guys.
I have retrieved my Rapid 7 mk1 air rifle from my boss.
On it was a 24ish year old Swarovski 6x42 that I bought new. I put on a newly acquired one in much better condition(bought on here-thanks Waggy).
The old one needs tarting up a bit ie, blueing refinish and re parallax to 50m.

Do any of you know who might do these jobs for me. I am sure that I can tidy it up with 0000 grade wire wool with light oil gently rubbing the rust away- it is only light surface,just cosmetic really. I am not happy to mess with the parallax though.
"by the way" I have emailed Swarovski about the work. They estimate 300eu. Which would be a new tube.
The adjustment would be approx £160 = a brand new air rifle scope.

Any ideas please.


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An alternative may be to have it Cerakoted by someone in your area............likley a lot less than a new tube.



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It might be an option to send it back to the factory?

@ eu300 for a new tube. I have now tackled it with oooo wire wool soaked in oil and it looks fantastic for 23 years old.
The blueing could benefit from very minor touching up but,not vital.
As for parallax adjustment, @£160. I won't be going that route.

I have been in contact with Paul Burke,thanks to Guy's on here. He is at the top of my list for receiving my money.