scope repairers


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hi all, i have a millett scope with the left to right cross hairs not going all the way to the right.
hence not zeroing. does anyone know of a scope repairer that could sort this problem out.


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They will direct you to Paul Burke, as He does the scopes, they do the bino's

Paul Burke 01217881050 Birmingham area, quite a few on here & elsewhere have used.


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will repairing a Millet scope turn out to be economical?

I can only speak really about Actionoptics whom have repaired several old scopes for me. I had two ols Nikko Stirling 4x32 special repaired and in one they replaced the broken fine cross hair with a duplex reticle. He also repaired a 6x42 that the fast focus can stud had sheared in it. All were very reasonable cost wise.

They are currently rebuilding a 3-7x35 pecar for me and fitting a duplex reticle to that as well.