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Just a thanks to all thoes who provided info as to were I could get a scope re-gassed and repaired.

The scope in question was fogging up but has been dried out re-gassed and resealed for me by Paul Burke at what seamed very little cost.

If any one eles has problems with their optics I would be happy to pass on mr Burkes contact details to see if can help out.



Paul is a grand lad. I can thoroughly recommend his services to anyone having problems with their optical equipment.


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Hi, found this post as I need a vey cheap scope repairing.
I have a BSA 3-7 x 20 (yes I know, but its very old 30+yrs, in mint condition, great for the kids with air rifle, and I HATE throwing away stuff!)

It has a broken reticle. I contacted BSA and at first they said just send it in for free repair under lifetime warranty, then I said I was in UK (you know, where the bloody company is from originally!) and they said its not covered outside the US :(

I really don't want to throw it but obviously I could buy a new one for £30 tops. But i would rather repair this if i can. Could you please pass me Paul's details to see if he can put a new reticle in it and regas for me. Thanks


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I just got my favourite Pecar scope back from Paul Burke today. It had developed a crack all round the eyepiece lens - loads of moire fringes. I thought it was only good for the bin, but Paul fitted a replacement lens pair, re-gassed it, cleaned and lubricated it. His price was very low, his workmanship excellent, turn round time for the repair very short and he is very pleasant to deal with. Would I recommend his services? Yes, with no reservations.

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