scopes on a budget

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All the advise given will say that spend as much as possible on a good quality scope and this is sound advise, but that aside a while ago l purchased a bushnall 3x9x50 if memory serves l paid £180.00 for it, as it turned out it seemed to have been a good choice and has served me very well, don't go for the cheap nastys on e**y that are described as all singing and dancing save your money and get the best you can afford but go and look at it and through it at the shop so you can see what you are getting, don't buy on line.


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cheap scope

I run a bushnell trophy 3-9 x 40 on my 7mm08 and a bushnell banner 3-9x 50 on my .30-06. both are great and both were bought online. I would thoroughly recoment either scope

have a look on they are good.

i got both mine from american sites


paul k

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I was going to buy a second hand Karl Kapps but my local firearms dealer persuaded me to try a Nikko Silver Sterling on a money back promise and it is fantastic.

It has such good light gathering that recently I had packed up because it was too dark and was walking down through a wheat field heading back for the car when I heard something in the crops. My Leica binos had long since ceased to be any use but I could clearly see a roe doe with the scope.

The scope cost me £170 but there was a bit of discount involved.


i've seen some nikko sterling nighteater 8-32 +60mm mil dot side focus for £150 or a leupold 3-9+50mm for £200 any view's on these


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Get yourself a Leoupold, I have used them for over 25 years, never had a problem with any of them. I also have a Burris Signature on my 375HH, taken it to Africa and Finland, never moved, never had a problem.

Buy them from the States, the exchange rate is over $2 to £1, although you will pay import duty and Vat you will still get them delivered for half the price you will pay in the UK. Or better still find someone who is going to the States to bring one back for you.

This year I bought a VXL Leoupold for £360, price over here is close on £700. Bloody brilliant scope, I have already lost count how many deer its taken on my 25.06.

Good luck


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Hi all

Had a Leupold VXII for two years now on the .308 and it has never once shifted zero or given me any reason for complaint, even when I dropped the rifle! I think it was under £250 from Sportsmans, and I'm sure you can get them cheaper.

Granted the optics are not as good as Swarovski or Zeiss, but I decided to put the extra money into some 7x50 slc's binos, as they are used so much more often when you are out. One day I may well get a Swarovski scope, but I am in no rush!



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I have been flamed before on this forum for suggesting that a there are good cheaper scopes out there. so I write with caution

If your on a budget try the simmons whitetail classic £220 here but can be bought in from the US via Ebay for around £100, life time gaurantee and tested upto and including .308

I have two, one on my HMR and one on my 243 T3
great morning and dusk scope
we aint all millionaires but love to shoot just the same so spend your money wisely

happy hunting


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for what purpose are you using your 22-250?
There is no point in buying a large variable if the shooting you do does not extend beyond 150yds or so!
While all the advise you are recieving is giving you their experiences, we need to to know yours for us to give you a informed response.
Sikamalc offers good advise, buy from the US and don't get shafted by the inflated UK prices..
Try these sites:

You may find that some of these sites will not post to the UK, but if you know of someone in the US just have it sent them to them, and get it posted on..


2428 miles

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I have two scopes, both bought on the internet and from America. One a bushnel elite 2.5-10 x 50 costs £700 in uk, I paid £300. have been very happy with it. Recently I bought a new Swarovski 6-18 x 50 costs aprox £900 in uk, I paid £400. bought on ebay too. With the exchange rate you can pick up some serious bargains, but of course be careful. Both of these scopes I thoroughly examined and handled and then once i had decided that was what I wanted, I got online and found them for half the price in the US.

My preference would be in the following order.
1. Swarovski
2. Schmidt & Bender
3. Zeiss
4. Leupold
5. Nikon
6. Bushnell



Hi Folks,
I have just recieved a Bushnell Banner 3-9x50 Dusk and Dawn for the princley sum of £38:00 from the States e-bay. I`m going to mount it on the 22-250 when I get it.
Bargain!! :D


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Hi all
I use S&B on my 223 & 243 & really cant fault them. Both 8x56. They get some hard use & never fail.
I had a spare Bushnell trophy 3-9x40 off my rim fire & fitted it to my mates .308 & its been a fantastic scope. Its never lost zero despite the recoil from the un-moderated .308.
I would advise one of these to anyone on a budget as its great for what you pay for them.


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Cheep Scope

i used Bushenll trophy binos for a while and they were OK.
You will use far more ammo than you think zeroing in the scope though and i would start at 50 paces and then work my way out to whatever distance you want.

i have a remmy in 22-250 and used to have asimmons scope upon it. OK once it is on butr dont trust the "clicks".

i have moved up to a S&B, but like you i found it better to be shooting than saving up. Have fun.

:D The mtc range of scopes are fast becomeing very populer and high quality glass i have hawke night eye edger bros 6x44 s+b and i recently
got an mtc 3x9x50 cobra and to be totally honuest the mtc is as good if not better in clarety as the s+b


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hi all
Meopta worth looking at if your on a budget.
S&B otherwise for me.
Picked up new rifle today T3 super varmint yet to shoot it but looks to be all I expected, put a S&B Zenith 2.5- 10 on top.
My own prezzy tp me a day early, only wish I'd had time to put some rounds through it.

Happy Chrimbo all

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