Hi All
Monynut and myself travelled up to Scotland Thursday evening it was p***ing down with rain for the entire journey we finally got to the shoot at around 12.30am dragged ourselves in the caravan on the shoot got the sleeping bags out and crashed out
Friday morning 4am woke up to the heavens falling so had a cuppa and waited a while for the rain to slow down
Finally at 5.30am the heavy rain had turned to a drizzle so we got kitted up and out the door as we had travelled up during the night I had not seen the area since last year and what a shock it was for me and Paul We shoot on crystal rig south east of Scotland where they have been erecting wind turbines last year they had taken some of the forestry away for these turbines and was told for the remaining turbines they would be only be taking out 70x70 blocks well someone got there calculations wrong as a large part of the forestry had been shredded we both were Totally Gutted anyway we went out and had a look at the area because so much felling had garn on that had displaced deer we found that a lot of the deer had been concentrated in the remaining blocks of forestry and were very edgy
As we travelled out we came across several does one or two of them still pregnant we came across our first buck on the east side of the shoot which Paul had spotted which after a while disappeared into the trees before I got into a shoot able position so we carried on and came across another buck in open ground which was moving quickly to cover away from us so we pressed on as time was getting on we decided to head back to the caravan we were stalking up one of the forestry roads toward the caravan and a buck crossed the track in front of us heading for open ground I quickly got into a shoot able position the buck disappeared into a gully and I had to reposition so after a further short stalk I got into position to take it and I took it at 120 yards with pauls 308 and it dropped to the shot .
Then for the rest of that day I spent time bunny bashing and went down the pub for dinner and a few drinks.

Saturday morning started misty but as the sun got up and burnt it off it turned out to be a cracking morning and monynut decided to try the southern section of the shoot after spending a good few minutes glassing we spotted a buck coming down through the tree line on a mission so we stalked down the banking down onto one of the forestry roads even though we had lost site of the beast we had a idea where it was and sure enough we spotted it moving through the tree lines we were unable to stop it but anticipated where it would appear on the forestry road and sure enough after a short stalk it moved up the bank on to the forestry road and Paul dropped it with the 243 with a high heart shot at 70 yards .

Saturday evening we went to the north face and after glassing the area a buck appeared so I stalked it after stalking half way up the side of a steep hill the deer had decided to disappear so that was that . then we went on to a different area and the same happened to monynut so we headed of back to the caravan and as it was a cracking evening so we BBQ steaks, pimms to drink and a few beers and sat outside watching the barn owls the rabbits and deer while we ate and not a midge in site HEAVEN.


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Well done both of you, sounds as though there were a few bucks moving about. Glad to read that you both got one each and had a relaxing and enjoyable time. Here's to the next time Cheers



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Sounds like you both had a great time up in scotland and a good result. I have not been stalking up in scotland for a few years. I will need to get somthing sorted out for the hinds.



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Ladystalker and Moneynut,
well-done nice article and photos, good to see you both have a successful trip with two really nice bucks, again well-done



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Having shot reds, fallow and munty, mainly from high seats, I think you have got me hooked on Roe stalking!!!

Thankyou...I have a little land that has roe!?!?