Scott Country Clearance and Special Offers: Harkila, Seeland, Pulsar, Ridgeline etc

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Hello all.

We have uploaded our Special Offer and Clearance Newsletter to our website today.

You can download it from our website here

We have huge reductions on some Harkila and Seeland ends of line clothing and footwear, as well as Ridgeline Monsoon II and Roar II Jackets.

We also have a Special Offer price on the Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket and Trousers, as well as the Harkila Pro Hunter boot range.

Our Clearance list of which we only have one or two of each, which are reduced to clear is also attached.

Due to the launch of the new Pulsar Digisight N750, we have a clearance deal on Pulsar N550 Digisights also.

Should you wish to place an order please call us on 01556 50 3587

Thanks for reading

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