Scottish airgun ban petition


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If you haven't signed the petition please do so now. We need several thousand more before next week.

Thin end of the wedge if Kenny MacAskill pushes this daft idea through.

SNP want all firearms in Scotland banned, or at least so heavily legislated that no-one, especially not private individuals, can shoot or stalk.

Airguns are just the start....regardless of next year's vote.

Some more info:

The petition:
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I've sign this some time ago it will achieve nothing positive. and you have to question why? as air-gun crime is going down in Scotland. Crime being the word therefore if this goes through it will not effect the criminals. Just look at the Handgun crime in the UK, It has gone up significantly since they banned law abiding ownership.


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Is it not a bit late to sign.

According to SACS, the Public Petitions Committee were meeting the Scottish Government on 3rd July to discuss the matter.

There was also an article recently which stated that the whole process was legally flawed and therefor would have to be "restarted" by the Scottish Govt ensuring the proper legal process to introduce new Legislation was adhered to.